What a week this has been. After coming back from the MAAC Championships, I felt like I haven’t had a good night sleep until last night. I’ve been real tired for about a week but I’m starting to get caught up on all of my resting.

The past week I’ve been doing a lot of reading, writing, and studying. So when I got back from the MAAC Championships of Tuesday night, I had to write two short papers for class on Wednesday night and then study for my stats test on that Thursday while working until 4:30 that day. Needless to say, the weekend was greatly appreciated. The weekend was filled with some fun as I took in my first NLL lacrosse game which was a great surprise. I was shocked at the fan support and really enjoyed the atmosphere and all of the constant action. And the bandits won 12-10! The rest of the weekend was spent catching up on some relaxation.

So I started an internship yesterday with the WNY Flash (a professional women’s soccer team). It was a pretty good first day. I think that I will be working a lot with sponsorships as well as public relations which will be awesome. PR is another career interest of mine so it will be great to get some experience in that field. I’m looking forward to the season starting so we can really get into the swing of things.

I booked my ticket for Greensboro, NC to head home for my birthday weekend. It will be great to get home for a bit and see some family. I will also be heading over to Charlotte, NC to watch the Knicks play the Bobcats on my birthday and that should be great.

Spring break is almost here. Lets get through this week together.