It has been a long week. I came back from MI yesterday, which was a great chance to catch up with my family over the Easter weekend, but Buffalo has kept me busy. Piecing together my summer and beyond has been stressful, tricky, but to me the toughest part is that it’s still uncertain. New job opportunities arise daily, but the end of the semester feels like a countdown to the unknown, which for me has been a bit nerve-wracking at times!

Today I finished up the research paper I’ve been working on for the week (though “attempted to work on” might be more apt), on what goes into hosting the Olympic Games, for my Financial Aspects class. In writing it I’ve learned a lot about the overall trends of the past 20 years or so, and I’ll be interested to see if these trends continue in 2012 at the London Games.

I’ve still continued to read legislation for my internship, and as I’ve been looking more at my options after Canisius, I’ve started to apply what the rules will mean toward my personal philosophy–as I’ve been making sure I communicate to potential employers as I re-write various cover letters that I’ve sent around the country. My strongest leads haven’t panned out yet as far as what it is I’m going to do, but all I can do is put my best foot forward and remain optimistic.

…the rain and snow of last week sure didn’t help, though! No, I’m just kidding there, the fact that the seasons have been unpredictable has made the week more interesting, in my opinion. I brought my bike back with me, optimistically, and I’m hoping that sometime this week I’ll get to ride around.

I’ve checked out the apartment of a friend that I’m potentially going to sublet over the summer this week, which is only about a mile away from campus. At this point, though, I’m waiting on an internship opportunity at the University at Albany…so I can’t fully commit (and it’s driving me crazy!), but I’m also going to have to make that decision when the time comes.

That’s pretty much everything, classes are winding down, and I have a good feeling my winter coat will stay in the closet for quite some time. Keep your fingers crossed that good news is on the way!