Graduate School!  How exciting it was to think about finally becoming a teacher after many years, and acquiring my Masters Degree at the same time!  Exciting and challenging; you see, I’m a “mature” student; mature in age, yet not in manner’.  What led me to attend Canisius after completing my undergrad in 1996 (yes, I dated Fred Flintstone…and Barney)?  Primarily, my employment dissatisfaction made me feel like the proverbial square peg in the round hole; starting new jobs felt exciting, until I realized the same feelings of frustration and boredom usually set in after the first year or so.  It wasn’t until my epiphany earlier this year that the answer had been in front of me since the age of five, when dolls were students, and my playroom was a joyous place of learning.

Starting graduate school at the age of almost 50  means compromising my family time, and driving three hours away on a weekly basis to stay overnight in strange hotels.  Being a part-time student means juggling part-time work and full time hockey schedules for my kids who still play; and, it means paying three times as much for an education very different from one in the country where I’ll be teaching.  Will I get a job?  Will I be able to transfer American concepts to a Canadian classroom?

The answers provided to me thus far indicate that Graduate School is the best life decision I’ve made.  The professors are incredible, my peers are supportive, and my mental boundaries are constantly stretched.  Any cultural differences are encouraged and reflected upon by my teachers.

Fred and Barney would be proud.