Hello everyone! I hope that everybody has had a good couple of weeks since we last communicated. I’ve been doing my consistent routine of work, class, and internship. It’s really starting to wind down so the job search is getting into crunch time.

I will be going home for a weekend during our spring break. I am really looking forward to going home because I haven’t been since September. It will be good to get some home cooked food and sleep in my bed and see my parents.

Today I have been working on an assignment for my Media Relations class. We had to examine game notes released by athletic departments and analyze how those notes are used for a broadcast. It was a fun assignment that really changes the way that you watch a basketball game (or any sporting event). In other class news, I have a midterm coming up in Philosophy and Ethics. This is a class that presents the daunting task of looking at yourself and what you stand for. It’s not easy for everyone (including me) but it is great exercise to better yourself and your decisions. Or at least, rationalize yourself and your decisions.

I’ll check back in with you all on my next post. Until then!