My time at Canisius so far has truly taught me all of the advantages of receiving a Jesuit education.  The values are far reaching throughout the classes, including the Forensic Accounting classes.  In other words, in class I am learning all the technical skills that a forensic accountant is required to know in addition to the idea that giving back to the community is important.

This experience is the result of a service learning component of one of the forensic accounting courses.  Throughout the classes in the forensic accounting program students learn, amongst other things, “red-flags” to look for that may indicate a fraud has occurred.  While these may not always lead to a fraud being discovered, it instills a questioning mindset that is essential for auditing.  In addition to being able to recognize the risks, the classes teach the students how to correct these issues and mitigate the weaknesses.

The knowledge of how to identify and correct weaknesses in a business is where the service learning came into action.  Working with the City of Buffalo, students were assigned to a number of not-for-profit organizations throughout the area with the task of assessing the accounting records.  After visiting the organization, students applied the knowledge from the classroom and suggested possible improvements.

Overall, this experience was great!  Not only was I able to apply what I had been learning in class but I was also able to give back to the community.  This was another great opportunity that the forensic accounting program offered me to make connections in the Buffalo community.