sb50I was recently afforded the best opportunity of my young career in sports. A few weeks ago I traveled to San Francisco to work Super Bowl 50 as part of the NFL Public Relations Staff. I was offered one of the positions after working the NFL season as a graduate assistant in the media relations department for the Buffalo Bills. Being able to go to a Super Bowl was something I believed was a long shot a few years ago, but to be able to work at a Super Bowl was only a dream. Thankfully Canisius guided me in the right direction to put in a position to succeed, and achieve those dreams.
Shortly after arriving in California we were taken on a tour of the Media Center that was set up in San Francisco, and Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. It only took that one-day to start to realize the enormity of the event, and how many people it truly takes to make the largest event in North America go off without a hitch. The Super Bowl is more than just a Sunday a February now, it is a weeklong event that takes over a city. Fans and media from all over the world traveled to San Francisco to try and take in part of the Super Bowl experience.
My main assignment for the week leading up to the game was to the Denver Broncos quote team. This led me to attend all of the Broncos media sessions throughout the week. My job was to record and transcribe various player interviews, while less than what some would consider glamorous is still a very important part of the week for the Public Relations Staff. The PR staff is not only responsible for the quotes of the players and coaches, but also other responsibilities such as Radio Row, credentials, and other media assistance.

The days quickly flew by and after one more tour of the stadium it was game day. The morning of the game had a few meetings and then the PR staff was enroute to the stadium. With the most media ever attending a Super Bowl there was still jobs that needed to be taken care of before the media arrived to make sure that everything was in order when they arrived. I was able to sit in one of the auxiliary press boxes for the game to help assist the media with any problems during the game. Luckily my assignment for after the game remained the same as it was earlier in the week and I remained on the Denver Broncos quote team. With the Broncos win I was able to be on the field for the celebration and the presentation of the Lombardi Trophy. My assignment was to find inside linebacker Danny Trevathan and after he was done celebrating escort him to his post-game interview, record and transcribe. When I was done I returned to the press box to make sure the media members had everything they needed until their stories were written and they were ready to leave.

After a MVP and head coach press conference the next day I was able to finally reflect and soak in the experience I had just been apart of. A truly once in a lifetime experience I was ever so grateful to apart of. The NFL Public Relations Staff were amazing people to work with and truly wonderful at their jobs.
Canisius set me on a path to be afforded such an amazing opportunity while still in school. My experience also created a desire to make sure that this was not the last Super Bowl I was apart of.