Spring break already?? Wow, this semester is flying by! It’s hard to believe that in less than two short months, we will have completed final exams for the semester, and some of us will be getting ready to start summer classes.

For Canisius’s MBA program, summer classes are divided into two six-week sessions. Although it is definitely not easy to pack an entire course into six weeks, summer classes are a fantastic way to get courses completed quickly and enable students to stay on track with their coursework. I always find it very impressive how many classes are actually offered and how many professors are willing to dedicate their time to teaching in the summer. For example, this summer, 19 MBA courses are offered in the first session and 12 MBA courses in the second session. Six extra weeks of vacation is a lot, so the fact that so many course instructors give up their time during the precious summer months in Western New York certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.

Although the idea of summer classes doesn’t always sound like fun, as a student in the MBAPA program, they have been essential to allowing me to complete my requirements on time. In fact, since I began the MBAPA program in Summer 2012, I have taken classes every summer and will conclude my coursework for the program this coming June upon completion of a summer course. I am very thankful that Canisius has offered the breadth of courses that they have during summer months as it has allowed me to complete the 70 credit hour program in just slightly over 2 years! I highly recommend Canisius’s summer courses to any student looking to complete the MBAPA program in a timely manner or to those who are looking to lighten their course load during the regular school year.