The end of the semester is in sight, and a strong finish usually translates into a successful semester. With the holidays approaching, project completion dates nearing, and finals on our mind its a great time to come up with your game plan.

With three weeks of class remaining, now serves an excellent time to plot out your schedule. The most important element is time management. Map out project due dates and get them done in advance of the conclusion of classes. Be ready to put all your focus on finals the last week of class. Being proactive now will set you up for a smooth finish.

It’s never too early to start preparing for finals. As course material accumulates, be sure to clear up any challenges you have encountered. Canisius faculty and classmates are always more than willing to help you master any challenging topics in time for finals. Again, utilize your campus resources and being proactive now will translate into positive results.

Set aside time to do what you enjoy. Stay ahead and you can relax while enjoying Thanksgiving break with your family and friends. Managing stress during this time is critical to applying what your learning. I always head out for a run or walk and listen to my favorite music, this serves as a great release and allows me to learn with a clear mind. Do what works for you, but start now and you will be in for a strong finish. Good luck and let’s spend winter break being proud of our achievements!