Class is all about taking notes and absorbing information. The professor creates interactive dynamics which allow students to explore lessons as they wish. However, most of what you learn in college takes place outside of the classroom. Sure you are introduced to new and exciting topics while in class, but you cannot truly comprehend the material from that exposure alone. The majority of your knowledge is stored while studying the notes you have feverishly written down during class. A major problem is allocating enough of your day to accomplish this task. This week’s blog entry will discuss the method I use to find time to study.

Everybody has a preferred way to study. It can range from flash cards to memorization. No matter the medium, effectively learning each course could be very time consuming. Therefore, to adequately learn the material, I conduct excellent time management throughout the semester. To arrive at school, my commute consists of riding both a bus and a train. This trip amounts to about forty minutes and occurs four days a week. Instead of drifting off into space, I use this time to study my notes. By rewriting all of my notes into my phone, it allows me to look at them on the go whenever I can. During long breaks between classes, I will walk in the park while going over my notes in my phone. It has proved to be very successful and has helped me tremendously. I am always very busy and any extra time I can get is beneficial. I would love to know how you all find time to study. Do you rewrite your notes in your phone like I do? Please comment below and let me know! I hope you enjoyed the blog for this week and I look forward to writing the next entry!