Hello All! I hope your week has been going well. This week’s entry will delve into a project we are currently tasked with in our Strategic Management class. This class is unique because it is spread over two semesters. The course starts at the midpoint of the spring semester and continues until the end of the first summer session. It is a capstone course that requires the fulfillment of a project and many case studies. There are no exams! This week marked the due date of our first case study. The case study detailed the history of the video game industry. We had to write a paper explaining what we thought was the biggest issue currently facing the industry. It was a very interesting assignment.

In regards to the capstone project, the One-Year students were split into groups and each one picked a different company to work worth. The goal of the assignment is to help the chosen company with whatever business guidance they need. My group chose the Catholic Academy of West Buffalo. This is a highly diversified Catholic elementary school ranging from Pre-K to 8th grade. The school has been steadily increasing its academic standing amongst its peers. However, they need some marketing assistance to pull new students into their institution. We had our initial meeting with them on Thursday and are very excited to help them excel.

We are getting pretty close to the end of the semester. The wheels are in motion and every week feels like a triumph. Next week is cut short due to the holiday and we have a four day weekend! For those of you who will graduate after this semester, I wish you all the best. Keep up the hard work it’s almost over! Next week will be my last entry for the semester, but I’ll be back for the summer.