Aubrey Graham once said “Everybody dies but not everybody lives”.  This is probably the best quote I have heard in a long time. It is a simple statement that describes a powerful truth. We were gifted life to exist at this very moment. At this very moment we continue our lives, whether it is me typing this blog or you reading it. How I live what was granted to me is the most important thing I consider every day. Since the date of our birth our days are numbered on this beautiful planet. It may seem like a melancholy idea to some, but to me it is both motivating and inspiring. Living your life to the fullest provides me with relief that I am not wasting a moment of the time that was given to me. For this reason, I always keep this quote in the back of my mind.


I know that one day I will not be here, but until that happens I will cherish every single thing I experience. The experience could be good and joyful or bad and stressful, either way I will be thankful for it. I am very grateful for the opportunity to complete the One-year MBA program, or attend graduate school at all. The first program I applied to rejected me and as a result I thought graduate school was not a possibility. Canisius provided me with a second chance to obtain the degree I wanted. I love to live graciously and without expectations, so everything that happens is a pleasant surprise to me.  I would be very interested to read what your favorite quote is, so feel free to comment below. There are only two weeks left in our program! The finish line is near and look forward to the blog for next week!