Finally, it feels like spring is here. The past week for me has been, in a word, optimistic, and I’m ready to start this week off with a bang (I’ll have to, there’s plenty coming up) after an eventful and enjoyable last week.

Over at my internship this week, I’ve helped in the design of their new website, which has meant tracking things as mundane as color schemes, content, and the different features of different schools’ athletics websites. I’ve also finally learned the interface of StatCrew, which is the industry standard in tracking live game-stats, and this weekend I sat at the computer and input the actions of Medaille’s women’s lacrosse team as it happened, and also ran the game clock and “spotted” the action on the field of the men’s game. After a few weekend games in the media box I’m starting to understand the nuances of lacrosse; I’m going to give inputting the men’s game a try next weekend, which will be more stressful since the game is played at a faster pace, but I’m looking forward to it. My internship’s been more centered around Sports Information than Compliance this week, but that’s okay with me!

The school year is drawing closer and closer to the finish, which of course means research projects to be completed. This has been the trend in about 70% of the classes I’ve ever taken, and is the trend at Canisius as well. For my Financial Aspects class, my partner and I are going to look at what cities we must invest in to put on the Olympic Games; and for my Intercollegiate Athletics class I’m in a group that will be addressing the topic of using male practice players in women’s sports. With Easter Break coming soon (10 days to be precise), it really feels like the end is near…scary!

Finally, on the non-career side of things, it’s been a great week. I was able to run in Delaware Park a few times last week, and hope to do that as stress relief throughout this week. I had lunch on Thursday with some MSA’ers (future grad assistants) at Empire Grill, which was pretty good (great coffee), and went out to Gramma Mora’s (and bowling) on a date Saturday. It was a gorgeous day yesterday, so we went out on a second date yesterday night to Old Fort Niagara, and were able to catch the sunset on Lake Ontario. With this upcoming week throwing a bunch of curveballs my way (which you’ll get to read about next week), it was a nice way to detox in preparation. If you’re in Buffalo, enjoy the weather!