The cars have emptied out of my parking lot here on-campus, which must mean that Spring Break 2011 is upon us! With all the travelling across the country I’ve done the last month and a half/two months, I’m taking my break here in Buffalo…though in all honesty I’ll be on the road again soon enough…

…Next week we have a group of 4 of us who are heading to Columbus, Ohio, where we’ll meet with people from the Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL), the Columbus Crew (MLS) and the Ohio State University. We’ll be going to both a hockey and soccer game, and this trip should be a lot more informal than some of our other trips in the MSA Program…but nonetheless I am excited. It’s always reassuring to see how the impact of sport is felt around our country, particularly as I begin to weigh my career options from region-to-region.

This week is a break for me in the truest sense of the word–I have no class and a little work to do (including more time at my internship)–but I’m going to make this week all about self-reflection and relaxation, with plenty of proactive career-planning. Canisius has cemented the fact that being a leader means taking charge of your life and owning up to your priorities, and as a friend in the program has put it best: “Your career is YOUR career”.

Last week, I had my Financial Aspects of Sport Admin class for the first time in a month (we’ve had work to do online, but hadn’t met in-person since February…), which was cool. I’ve converted our professor onto social media–he was able to follow the MAAC Basketball Tournament from Portugal/Spain with relative ease via Twitter–and it’s always cool seeing the other folks in our program. My Wednesday night class in Intercollegiate Athletics was pretty boring, which I was disappointed about because it was about a neat topic–sports betting and student-athletes–but the execution put all of us to sleep. We literally watched about 25-30 minutes of PSA’s, which didn’t really…teach us…anything…but, such is life sometimes.

I’m probably one of the few who aren’t at the St. Patrick’s Day parade going on in Buffalo today (I’ve never really liked parades, being from a town that lives for its annual Tulip Time parades)…but to my credit I’m wearing green pajamas, and celebrated St. Patty’s twice over the weekend around Buffalo. Hopefully everybody’s spring break goes well!