Article written by Tim Seil, Professor, Sports Management Professional Development Seminar

For the majority of Canisius College students the expectation is that they will start their professional career immediately upon graduation. In that professional career, students will put to use the various skills and experiences they have gained during their time at Canisius. Often times the hardest part for recent college graduates is obtaining that job where they can put those skills to use. One of the goals of the Sports Management program at Canisius is to provide students with the support and knowledge needed to navigate the job search process.

This semester I have the privilege of teaching Sports Management Professional Development Seminar (SPMT 475). The course is designed for the juniors and seniors within the sports management program. In this course we will educate students on effective networking, resume building, writing cover letters, interviewing skills and other professional development topics within the world of sports. The objective of SPMT 475 is to help students obtain skills that they can use to gain jobs and opportunities in the field of their choice.

Engaging students and providing them with real life examples is always key for any professor. This semester we have been fortunate to have presenters speak on a number of different professional developments related topics. These presenters brought with them a wide range of experiences to share with our group of students:

  • Pete Harvey, Director of Sports Development for the Buffalo Niagara Sports Commission, spoke with our class about the intricacies of the bid process for sporting events in the Buffalo region. He also educated our students on what he looks for when hiring for full-time employment and internship opportunities
  • Eric Bond and Nick Grange, college recruiting coordinators from Mass Mutual, spoke with our class on the importance of networking. Both Eric and Nick have background in college athletics, and were able to share with our students what types of qualities they look for when hiring candidates for their open positions at Mass Mutual.
  • Matt Lozar, Social Media Marketing Advisor at the Haley Marketing Group, shared his experiences on his transition from athletics to the corporate world. He was able to articulate his first hand experiences on the similarities and differences between the two fields. Matt also previously taught SPMT 475, and is an alum of the Sport Administration program at Canisius.

I am very excited about what the rest of the semester has to offer for our students. Our focus will now shift to the development of students’ resumes and cover letters, while continuing to stress the importance of growing their network inside and out of the sports world.