Well that was one crazy weekend. I just got back from the MAAC Championships held in Connecticut and I had an amazing time. I arrived there with some classmates last Thursday and we quickly got to work on Friday morning. We assisted with everything from locker room preparation, to on and off court promotions, to escorting band/dance/cheer teams for each school in the MAAC. It was really a fantastic opportunity that Canisius provided to the MSA program and hopefully the MAAC invites us back for next year.

Even though the work days were long (pulled back-to-back 18 hour shifts on Friday and Saturday) it was well worth it. We all got to make contact with a lot of wonderful people on the MAAC staff which will hopefully come in handy one day when we all are looking for internships or jobs. It was great to be able to speak with the Commissioner of the MAAC and spend some time with him. He provided great insight about what it takes to be successful in this field and it was an honor to sit down with him. I even got to play some hoops with him Sunday night, let’s just say he was on my team because he is a beast in the post.

Everything about the trip was great. The fellow travelers, the MAAC staff, the atmosphere and the experience were all top of the line. As 2:00 am approaches I now turn my attention to finishing up two papers due later today and continue preparing for my stats test on Thursday.