“To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.”

Bruce Lee

With the large alumni around the country, Canisius MSA students got another great opportunity to volunteer and make great connections. Robert Tigani, MSA 2012, recently had an internship with the West Coast Conference(WCC) (he recently accepted a job at San Francisco University), and was able to secure volunteer positions at the first and second rounds of the NCAA Men’s basketball March Madness this past weekend at HP Pavilion in San Jose. Four students were able to travel and volunteer for the games. This was a great opportunity to meet contacts on the west coast and expand their networking possibilities. Trips like this are common in the MSA program and another great reason to look into the volunteer opportunities that each master’s degree has to offer.

The reason why this is important is because two of the students made strong connections that are leading to better opportunities. Along with working hard and performing exemplary, these two students were able to make connections in the WCC and their affiliated schools. One student in particular, Tom Barrett was able to get a letter of recommendation and strong opportunities of an internship or possible position. Rob Tigani, knowing of a position was going to open up, introduced Tom to the hiring manager and was able to have WCC contacts call and vouch for Tom. Tom recently had an interview and is waiting to hear back from USF.

These types of things happen all the time. Many students call up Alumni, make a connection and often have the insights into internships or other positions. I will let you know how the interview went with Tom, but lets keep our fingers crossed for him.

Until next time,