MSA Blog Post by: Tristan Musser

TTYNIMYYCENFIQS.20141101045320I still don’t think it’s sunk in that I’ve officially graduated with my Master’s in Sport Administration from Canisius College. Two short years ago I remember pondering what my experience in Buffalo would be like. Now two years later with my Master’s degree behind me, both Canisius College and Buffalo have exceeded all of my expectations. It’s funny to think back about how nervous I was not knowing where my decision would lead me. But in the end my decision was rooted in passion, a passion for sports and more specifically, hockey. With my love for the game guiding the way, the environment at Canisius and the MSA program gave me the opportunity to succeed. This is where the MSA program at Canisius is ahead of curve; each student is allowed the flexibility to study at night and on the weekends while gaining valuable working experience during the day. I was able to apply concepts I learned in classes like Leadership in Sport, NCAA Compliance, and Facility Management, while working full time with the Canisius College Men’s Hockey team, and part time at the newly built HARBORCENTER. To paint a clear picture of my experience at Canisius, I’ll refer to the below equation:


relative discussions/assignments + real life experience = unmatched education


This type of learning process helped me to secure a job with the Academy of Hockey at HARBORCENTER prior to graduation on May 18th.  My time working as Director of Hockey Operations with the Griffs gave me the two years of hockey experience and contacts I needed in order to be positioned where I am now. Partnered with a fundamental and informative curriculum that challenged me think about real world issues in sport, my experience at Canisius truly was unmatched. I cannot be anything but grateful for the opportunity the MSA program at Canisius provided me with, and for helping to advance my career in sport.