The time is upon us. The semester has progressed far enough where we are past the introductory stages of our courses. This week marks the transition from learning new material to applying said knowledge. Yes my readers, we have stumbled onto several projects this week in the One-Year MBA program. This blog will mainly focus on projects given to us in our Finance and Marketing classes.

In regards to Finance, we have been assigned a substantial spreadsheet project in which we must manipulate mortgage rates. The spreadsheet needs to be built in a way that either rejects or accepts a client based on a few financial criteria. This project really makes you think outside of the box and apply what we have learned over the past few weeks. Marketing however, has given us a substantially different assignment to complete. In teams, we must choose a product offered locally in this area and create a marketing plan to introduce this product to Cleveland, Ohio. The assignment is to be completed in sections throughout the entirety of the semester. We have only begun the marketing project but it will be interesting to complete. I am currently enrolled in a Taxation course and we must complete a sizable tax return project as well.

This has been a strenuous week but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We get both Monday and Tuesday off next week due to a holiday break. A mini vacation will be very relaxing and much needed. In two weeks I have four exams within two days! Due to this I will most likely not submit an entry for the next two weeks. However, I’ll return right after that with a description of our contributions to a local ethics competition. Enjoy your long weekend and good luck with your studies!