When I first had the idea of going back to school and chose a two year program I felt like it was going to take forever. Now a year in, I am realizing that I have less than 300 days until graduation and also have no idea where the time has gone! With that being said, I suppose it is time for me to think about career goals.

As a School Counseling major, there are really two things that I need to consider when making professional goals; what age group I want to work with and where I want to be.

As I begin my practicum and internship, I hope to gain experience and figure out what age group I prefer. I anticipate that I will like a high school setting but I will also do rotations in a middle school and elementary school too. But let’s be honest, whoever is hiring will work for me!

Where do I want to be? That is the real question. I am thankful that this degree allows me to work in so many different states but it certainly doesn’t help me narrow my options. I do have some time to figure this out as I have to stay in the State of NY until I earn my professional certification. For those of you who might be on a similar track, check out this article: https://www.zippia.com/advice/best-states-for-counselors/