This past summer, I was lucky enough to gain experience in the field through an internship at a Western New York regional accounting firm.   Although I certainly learned a lot during my internship, I came to realize that I had already learned a great deal from my experiences as a graduate student at Canisius College that helped me succeed.  For example, learning the proper way to format Microsoft Excel worksheets in Dr. Goldstein’s AIS class came in very handy, as just about every project that I worked on required the use of Excel.  Accounting majors, if you haven’t already come to love Excel, it will soon be your best friend!

Aside from technical skills, however, I think something just as important that I gained from my Canisius education was becoming comfortable in a professional setting.  The accounting program offers many different events outside of the classroom to allow students to meet with professionals, and, because of those experiences, I felt very comfortable speaking with everyone at the firm, even partners!  Also, many employees at the firm had also attended Canisius, so I was able to bond with them by talking about our experiences with common professors and how things were the same or different since they had attended the college. Everyone noted how well a Canisius education had prepared him or her for life as a professional accountant, and, after having some professional experience myself, I can certainly agree!