Hello All!!!  My name is Dan and I am a first year graduate student in the College Student Personnel Administration program here at Canisius College. I am a Resident Assistant on campus and I am also a supervisor of the study center and a academic mentor for the Griff Center.  Why the headline, Papers, Papers, and more Papers? Why thats quite simple: As a student in this grad program there are many papers attached to this program that you have to write and it is never ending. However, with these papers there are learning outcomes attached to this as well. Life in this program has its intrinsic rewards. What’s special about this program is you get the hands on experience and apply theories that you learn in class and actually apply them to your everyday settings. I am learning lots and writing lots at the same time but in the end you are benefiting other students to help them be successful in their academic endeavors. Student Affairs is forever changing and will continue to do so for many years to come.

We need to take students where they are at and help guide students that gives them purpose for everyday life. As a working student affairs professional, there are a lot of challenges facing college students today and I am here in this program to help students adjust to these issues and help them move forward toward a better future and make them realize their potential. I wake everyday writing all these papers because I am passionate and show compassion when working with my residents. I wake up everyday realizing I am going to spend the rest of my life working with college students because I am dedicated to my RA position and my academics in grad school. Therefore, I would like to end my first post with a funny pun about student affairs and why it is essential on college campuses everywhere.