Hello again. Hope that everyone has had a good past couple of weeks. I have been doing the same old, same old. But I am heading up to Toronto this weekend! It will be my first time in Ontario and I am looking forward to it. One of my friends is flying up from back home and we will head to Toronto on Friday. I scored some free tickets to the Blue Jays for that night so we will head to the Rogers Centre for a night game against Texas.

Other than that, I’ve just been working. Not having any class work has been somewhat enjoyable. I have been able to really study the strategy people use in MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals. If you’re not watching, you should be. CT continues to amaze as he shows week in and week out that he is the best reality contestant of any reality show of all time.

So, hopefully I’ll have some pictures of Toronto and Niagara to share with you all next week. Until then, I’m signing off.