Hello again! We’re back for another round. I hope that everyone had a great Halloween weekend and a great week after. Classes are starting to wind down as we are entering the final stretch of the semester. I can’t believe that I only have one semester left at Canisius before I get my Master degree!

On Monday, I registered for my final semester at Canisius. I will be taking “Ethics in Administration”, “Media Relations in Sport” and “Sport Law”. I’m looking forward to starting these classes to finish up my degree.

This week, I had one presentation in class (last night) and one other “presentation” in class (we each had to video tape ourselves at home giving an elevator pitch to an industry professional, and we watched them all in class). It was helpful to see yourself on camera and really see what you can work on when speaking to someone. It was a little hard because we weren’t really speaking to anybody, rather just looking into our computer screens, but it was fun.

Right now I just have a couple more short papers left, a presentation and three exams between me and the end of the semester.

I’m working at the Sabres game tonight (hopefully they finally win a game) and next Tuesday before a little break in the internship. I’ll check back with you guys and gals next week.