Last week of class, Summer on the horizon, and continual postseason basketball. It really does not get better than that. So, only two more classes in the semester, one take home final, and two in-class finals and then the good stuff starts. This is certainly a time of the year where I cut back drastically in sleep. I think that I have gotten under 15 hours of sleep total the past 3 nights, and I’m running on fumes right now.

I have been mapping out my future class/internship plans for the next year of graduate school at Canisius. I am registered for one class this Summer. This means I can take three in the Fall, three next Spring and then be done with the class portion of my education at Canisius. After next Spring semester, I plan on looking abroad (outside of Buffalo) to complete the internship portion of my education. I really want to settle in NYC (what I call the capital of the world), but I will be looking at other large cities as well.

So I listen to a lot of podcasts, usually about three a day, and I heard a great analogy with regards to game one between the Heat and the Celtics. Once Paul Pierce got ejected from the game, I heard it compared to when Rocky finally cut Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. It was the perfect comparison to me, not only because Rocky IV is easily my favorite of the series, but the comparison really made sense. Pierce can be somewhat regarded as an untouchable in the NBA, as most superstars are in the playoffs, and seeing him get tossed from the game brought a similar feeling to when Drago (also untouchable) got cut. I love pop culture, I love sports and I love anytime they get intertwined.

See you guys next week during finals!