“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

The spring semester has started and the MSA program has been up and running. Over the past month, many students have had the great experiences of interviewing and negotiating for internships, volunteer opportunities, and jobs. That last sentence may throw some of you off, but students are negotiating their way into positions of all types. Recently, two students have entered negotiations and are finalizing details on accepting new positions. One of the questions that I always get from prospective students is can you apply what you learn in classrooms to work or a job immediately. The answer is yes! In Risk Management/Contract negotiation we focus on contract negotiation skills and especially focusing on both the businesses needs and our own. To negotiate you need to be well informed and its always important to understand BATNA’s (best alternatives to a negotiated agreement), ZOPA’s (zone of possible agreement), and reservation price. In fact this class was crucial in helping negotiate a better pricing structure for our annual MSA Family and Friend’s golf tournament. I also was able to help a close friend of mine in the program negotiate benefits and additional monies to help alleviate some costs that he would incur accepting a new position in a different state. Classes like Risk Management/Contract Negotiation are imperative to the successes of the program and are not only theory based, but practicum based as well.

Program Update:

Last semester I talked about preparing for a half marathon with three other MSA students. Well we ran it on January 11th and I ran it in 3hrs and 4 minutes. Sadly, I missed my goal of 3 hours, but will definitely do it again next year and will crush that goal!