And we’re back! My break officially ended today as I had both work and class. I hope everyone had a great break, I know that I did. Even though I didn’t have a “typical” spring break, I still had a great time. I worked four of five days last week and had a couple of assignments to work on.

So, I spent most of my time in Buffalo (which isn’t a bad thing) but I did get to head home for my birthday weekend. I had not been able to see my family or friends from home since I got to Canisius. My family and friends are very important to me so I loved being able to see them, even if it was for a short time. In my time down in North Carolina I got to check out the Knicks, who were in town playing the Charlotte Bobcats. Even though the Knicks lost, I still had a blast. The atmosphere was great, especially towards the end when Carmelo starting heating up, putting pressure on the hometown Bobcats. The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out and spending some time with those that are really important to me. I love living/going to grad school in Buffalo but I really enjoy being surrounded by the comfort of my “real” home.

The assignments that I have been working on have been very interesting and really require some thought. Topics such as “should college athletes be paid?”, “NHL concussions and sponsorship impacts,” and “picking sides in the current NFL labor disputes” really made me spend a great deal of time thinking about both sides of each issue. These are very relevant in the sports world today. We discussed each of the questions in class tonight and it was really interesting to hear the different view points from each student.

This semester has been going by so fast. I cant believe that we are starting to look at the home stretch. I look forward to more interesting assignments and opportunities as the semester nears the end!

Have a great week! See y’all next time.