“The only difference between a good shot and a bad shot is if it goes in or not.” – Charles Barkley

I got a phone call from a friend of mine that was attending a Phoenix Suns game on December 6th. He called me up and asked if I had ever heard of a professional team having a satisfaction guaranteed night? I thought for a second and admitted that I had not. We talked for a while about the concept and when we hung up, I immediately did some research on the topic. The phoenix suns had a Satisfaction game on December 6th game against the Dallas Mavericks.


            I have to say I have not followed the NBA quite as closely as I have in the past, and was amazed to see how few names I recognized on the Suns team. The Suns had traded their six-time All-Star point guard to the Lakers and acquired Michael Bisley and Luis Scola. The Suns have recently dismantled the team and currently don’t have a recognized All-Star on the team.  However, the Suns took a very interesting approach to marketing their team in an effort to draw in new fans, satisfaction guarenteed or your money back. The requirement to receive any money back is a simple form and your ticket stub. The ticket price will be paid back, minus any transaction fees that they usually charge, but why not go? I told my brother about this and his immediate reaction was “Bro…we could sit court side…for FREE!

  This marketing idea is great because it allows people to experience the game at no risk for anyone. The Suns will more than make up for the costs that are incurred as chances are only a small few will ask for a refund. This is way better then selling tickets for .10 cents on line. You read that correctly, .10 cents!! In November Yahoo sports did an article about how two seats in the nose bleeds were going for .10 cents per ticket at a Philadelphia 76er’s game! The .10 cents doesn’t take into consideration the fees and taxes that are incredibly high, but .10 cents for a ticket, what is this the 1950’s? This could be a new trend for teams who are struggling with attendance rates to use this marketing tool to bring people into the stadium and watch your product. Hell, they may be willing to pay more than .10 cents for it!

Until next time,

Brent Gray, MSA Graduate Assistant