Hello again!  It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve talked to you guys but we’re back with lots of good stuff.  Since last time, many different aspects of the Canisius experience have picked up steam.  Class projects and papers are starting to take form, my Sabres internship has started and I’ve just been staying busy for the most part.  I’ll get into the details as we go.

Since we last talked, I started my internship with the Sabres (thanks to my advisor for giving me a contact with them).  It is great to get some real world experience to compliment the aspects of leadership and marketing that I learn from my classes.  Along the same lines, I’m in a guest services class that allows me to work each Bills home game.  It’s great being around professionals in the sports industry and really work on my professional network.  Networking is what this industry is all about.  That will be driven into your head in pretty much every MSA class, but its completely true.  For that class, we have guest speakers from the Bills front office and that gives us a chance to hear more stories about how to get into the industry, and once again it builds on your professional network.

I have a couple interesting projects coming up in my leadership class and my marketing class.  I actually had a presentation last night in marketing where each student picked an organization or product and discussed the strategic marketing campaigns for each.  It was interesting to hear all the students and their products/organizations they chose.  For leadership, we have a group project discussing, you guessed it, leadership.  My group will compare three different college basketball coaches and how their different leadership styles all lead to the same end goal.  I can’t wait to get started with my group on this one.

I’ll check back with you guys and gals next week.  Have a great Fall!