This week has been much quieter than last as the academic semester is coming to a close.  Two of my classes did not meet to give the student and teachers an opportunity to prepare for our final assignments and exams.  I have a notebook assignment due Monday, along with my culminating online assignment that should take me the entire weekend to finish.  Exams are then given the following week, May 10-14.  The Dean’s Office, on the other hand, is very busy as seniors are making sure they can walk during the graduation ceremony and underclassmen are checking in to make sure they are on track with their courses and such.  Ah, I remember those good ole’ days of being an undergrad.

With only two weeks left in the school year, I made a decision that will undoubtedly change my life and career path for the future.  I knew going into the Physical Education program that I would probably not teach for the rest of my life, and that I would eventually pursue a career in administration.  I have found out sooner rather than later that it is time for me to change programs at Canisius to the College Student Personnel Administration program.  I’ve discovered this semester that teaching just was not in the cards for me, and through my assistantship and desire to get into administration I have decided to chase this career path.  This is no reflection on the Physical Education program at all as I enjoyed the time spent with my classmates and teachers, but rather it was a personal decision that I realized I had to make.  Changing programs within the School of Education was a process that was made easy with the assistance of the School of Education and Human Services staff.  I met today with the director of the CSPA program and she told me all I needed to know about the program and then sent me to an administrative associate to finalize the process.  I begin in the Fall.

I am beginning to realize that the Bills hopefully know more than I do about the NFL and the Draft and that is why they took the players they did.  I am way more worried about our offensive line than I am about the quarterback because I think that next year is a much stronger QB class than this year.  I hope they also trade Lynch so that Spiller can have as many carries as possible (not too much to ask from the #9 selection in the NFL draft).  We’ll eventually put all the pieces together – Rome wasn’t built in a day!