“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

 MAAC Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championship

Twelve MSA students, and myself, on Tuesday got back from Springfield, Massachusetts. 16 games, 82 hours working and 14 hours of travel, including a blizzard at 3am driving into Springfield, will make any reasonable person go crazy!  The MAAC Men’s and Women’s basketball championships were held in Springfield for the first time. The group worked very hard at all major facets of the tournaments.  We had students handling the media, team check-ins, promotions, runners, and every other job possible. Sports are not your traditional 9am-5pm occupations and it very often involves working nights and weekends.  Without enthusiasm working this many hours will almost always lead to burnout. What the MAAC Championship really reiterated was that without vision, hard work, and enthusiasm the MAAC conference would still be in neutral.  After working a long weekend this is what I have learned from the MAAC Championships.

Sports, to me, are one of three things that people have a very strong emotional reaction to. The other two are religion and politics.  I have seen fights break out over a favorite team or whose team is better.

Secondly, sports are not your usual 9am-5pm jobs.  Sure you get to do the 9-5 thing, then add a couple of games during weeknights and throw in a weekend game and now you have a 70-80 work week.

Thirdly, sports organizations will not hire you because you are a fan!!  They have plenty of fans and you are not there to get autographs or be a yes man! I have heard people explain in an interview that they should be hired because they are the biggest fans.  They don’t want fans they want a problem solver!

Finally, cussing and strong language is a normal thing on the field and in the locker rooms.  If you can’t handle an f-bomb then I suggest you find another industry. Emotions bring out the best and worst in people, and often times the language they use can mirror those emotions

Until next time, take care!!