So now that I’m nearly done with my classes for this semester, I sit here thinking about the last year I’ve had.  It seems like I left New York City way more than 4 months ago. I miss it so much.  I miss working in the sports industry.  I miss being in a big city.  I miss hanging out with some of the most amazing people I know, and meeting new people who love the sports industry as well. This semester dragged on yet went so fast at the same time.  I worked my behind off in my classes this semester, so I hope my grades reflect all of the hard work I put in.

I’m hoping to head back to NYC over the summer to visit some old friends and co-workers, best case scenario, I’d be there looking for a place to live.  I don’t really have any big summer plans, other than working, and job hunting, along with the 3 classes I’m taking to finish my degree.  I really hope to be working in the sports/entertainment field by September, if not before.

I am glad the weather is looking up here in Upstate NY! I was beginning to think we’d never see the sun again.  I have lots of stuff going on in the next month, with graduations, birthday, bridal showers, baby showers, babies being born, weddings and so on.  I hope all you mom’s had a great Mothers Day yesterday, and to anyone that’s graduating, good luck to you and keep in touch.

This is my last blog post of the semester, but I hope to be writing to you all over the summer as well.  Get out and enjoy the sun!!!