This post will be my last post on this blog since the semester’s coming to an end. I love to write these, so this one is longer than the recommended 250-400 words…the quote from Ferris Bueller has been running through my head all week, and I think it’s so unbelievably pertinent at this moment for me right now that it’s scary. The best way to really get through what’s been going on this week is just to list the substance of it all, so┬áhere it is:

*Got psyched for my interview in Albany on Tuesday by only getting about 3 hours of sleep…but even better was that I woke up to a giant bug next to my bed–it completely threw me off my game! Even worse is that the same bug made a guest appearance in my shower on Wednesday morning, after I’d gotten back. As much as I hated it and was grossed out, it was absolutely hilarious and completely ridiculous.

*Knew as soon as I left that interview at U at Albany on Tuesday that I was going to get the internship, and Friday morning I was offered the position. I’m going to call and accept it on Monday, after I finish some work and get a few more apartments in the mix for the move/hunt. My duties will involve the day-to-day monitoring of recruiting activities, creating a monthly compliance newsletter, updating information on student-athletes in the compliance software, and other administrative duties that come up. When I was asked what I wanted to get from the internship, my honest answer was that it is exactly what I want to be doing at this point in my career–it fits my goals perfectly, and I think my confidence and conviction in answering that question was the deciding factor.

*Got a flat tire 5 minutes after leaving Albany on Tuesday. The world has a tendency to balance itself out sometimes like that, and aside from being really ticked off and inconvenienced…all I could really do besides grumble was laugh, because it really was just that kind of day. I still managed to catch up with a good friend of mine from undergrad who lives in Schenectady, thankfully, and I eventually made it back to Buffalo just fine.

*Spent more time looking for apartments than studying. Not that I haven’t been writing these last papers/finals…but I’ve been getting prepared mentally for an all-nighter sometime this weekend.

*Made numerous walks between my apartment and the library this week simply because the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in Buffalo. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had work to do, too, and have usually done it at both locales…but how could I not enjoy the Buffalo sunshine while I’m still here? I also rode my bike to Delaware Park on Thursday, which was another great day.

*Went out with friends from the MSA program to Brick Bar on Allen St. yesterday night to celebrate my good news, and took away a great quote from the evening: “Know your limits: then exceed them.” Even though it wasn’t necessarily geared toward the big picture when it was brought up…I’ve been thinking in the big picture for quite some time now–as my dedicated readers (read: “Mom”) know–and that gem was worth writing down.

*Stood around and helped direct parking traffic at the MAAC Lacrosse Championships being held at Canisius this week. It was a little chilly, but nonetheless a good time. I’ll be helping them out on Sunday, the second day of the tournament, as well.

*Went to Spring Fest yesterday! It rained a little when we were leaving, but there was some great free food and some fun rides to be had by all who attended. I went both before and after helping out at lacrosse, and it was a great chance to spend time with friends.

*Was unbelievably disappointed watching the Red Wings play earlier in the week…but was delighted to see them pull off a 4-3 winner last night. I’ve been sculpting, trimming, and re-shaping my playoff beard, but I think I’m going to keep it (and maybe someday even get a picture of it).

I don’t think I could count how many times I’ve smiled in the last two days. I’ve met some awesome people and made some great friendships here at Canisius, and it’s been tough thinking about the four hour move away from everybody that lies ahead. I think it’s why I’ve put off packing until I get my papers finished, or until I’m “ready”, I keep telling myself.

Getting the call for the internship or opportunity that’s going to jump-start my career is exactly what I came to Canisius to do, and I think that it really speaks to what this school is all about. A lot has changed in my life in the past year, and one of the things I’ve talked about with people here in my program is that you’re going to get out of the MSA program what you put into it. I honestly feel that the same can be said about life–the relationships you build with others, the person you want to be, and the impact you have on the world; all of it starts with what you put into it. Take things one day at a time, keep things in perspective, and enjoy every second of it.

Go Golden Griffins. Go Great Danes. Have a great summer and beyond!