I just want to start by saying: Buffalo gets a really bad rap. On average, Syracuse gets more snow than us! But either way, most people thought I was crazy. As a Vermonter, I’m used to the snow but I have mountains as a way to entertain the snow. So naturally, when I started telling my friends I was moving to Buffalo for grad school their initial reaction was something like this: “Buffalo? Are you okay?” or “But there are no mountains, how will you ski?” What they didn’t know was how fun this city really is, until of course they came to visit and now I can’t get them to leave me alone.

Before moving to Buffalo I had visited with my roommate, from undergrad, who’s from Buffalo. I’ll admit, when I first started visiting in 2011 it was a little boring, but each year as I kept coming to see her I noticed the growth within the city. There was always a new spot that had just been re-done and we had to go check it out. After living here for a year, I can say that this is still the theme.

I love Buffalo because it is a city but it’s not too big. I really think it’s the perfect size. There’s no traffic, tons of nightlife and the cost of living is insanely inexpensive. It’s the perfect mix! And if you did want a big city, no worries, Toronto is only an hour and a half away.

Overall my experience in Buffalo this past year has been so much fun! I’m so excited that I still have a year left to explore!