Here we are again with another edition of the weekly blog! This one’s a little closer to when I usually post–still kind of catching up from the MAAC Championships week, both in-class and just mentally.

Today is the beginning of Daylight Savings time, which meant reluctantly setting all the clocks in my apartment an hour ahead. I like falling back a lot more, personally, time is valuable and with springing forward you lose an hour…even though you gain some more sunlight (which today was much appreciated from my view in the library’s basement, finishing up a paper).

Yesterday night was a good time, 7 of us MSA’ers went to go see the Buffalo Bandits, the professional lacrosse team, which I had never experienced before. All the locals have been telling me that the fan experience of the games are awesome…and they were completely right! It’s loud, the atmosphere was cool…I’ve put the “high-quality” picture I was able to snag from our seats below. I’ll definitely be going to another of their 3 remaining home games this season, and I’m not ashamed to throw the word “bandwagon” out there. After the game a bunch of us went out as well, and we met up with a few Canisius people, including fellow GradEd blogger Kari from the CSPA program.

Classes are definitely still in session, I just finished up a paper for my class in Philosophy & Ethics which was really neat–the assignment was to write about the philosophy behind sportsmanship, and (like a nerd) I really enjoyed the topic and writing about it.

Spring Break shouldn’t be next week…this semester is going WAY too fast! I’m hoping to utilize the break to really sit down and start writing up my laundry list of post-grad school plans. But, ’til then, it’s back to the grind!