The past couple of weeks have been a great learning experience.  Through completing multiple presentations and listening to some great speakers, I have been able to a.) get better at something I am not too comfortable with (public speaking) and b.) listen to some professionals career paths.

For my class on leadership, we have been reading some very interesting articles the past couple of weeks.  One that really stuck out to me was a Q and A with Jim Collins, who was a former professor at Stanford now turned author and speaker.  Jim has studied and written two books about how leaders can make the organizations go from good to great and how leaders to avoid organizational decline.  The biggest thing I took away from his Q and A was leaders must maintain management discipline and they must not forget why they do the things they did to get them (and their organization) successful.  Sometimes once you reach the top, you become complacent and forget why things are done certain ways.  This is a great lesson for anyone who sees themselves as wanting to be a leader inside an organizational structure.

Along with the leadership theme, for my guest services class we had the VP of Communications for the Buffalo Bills speak with us.  That was a really great time to learn his background as well as what he finds important to be successful in the sport industry.  He really focused on hard work and determination.  While his friends are all off on Christmas and Thanksgiving vacation, he is usually working.  But he loves it.  You have to love what you do, especially in this industry because it will be long hours and long weeks.  If you don’t love what you do or where you are, then you aren’t in the right place.

As I said before, I had a couple presentations for marketing class in the past two weeks.  It’s always good for me to practice public speaking because that is certainly something I feel that I can improve to better myself for the future.

Until next time…