Making a decision regarding Graduate School and if it is the right decision for you is never easy.  After completing my undergraduate degrees at UB, I took a few years to explore the job market and find out what it was that really motivated me.  I always enjoyed the academic world, but naturally the decision to enroll in a graduate program is one that is initially costly and requires making sacrifices.  On top of that, I would say most students are not gleaming with excitement to take the GMAT right after receiving their undergraduate diploma.  For most, it’s not a simple decision.


An MBA will pay dividends though.  Your probably thinking cash, and that is very likely to be one of the benefits.  The benefits extend far beyond an increase in salary.  In a competitive job market, an MBA sets you apart from the competition in many ways.  Graduate school is an opportunity for intellectual growth and develops confidence.  You will grow as a person.  Grad school allows you to become a master in a field you love, and upon completion you will speak confidently to potential employers regarding your knowledge.  Grad school lets you spend more time in school making more friends, many of which will turn into great networking relationships.  Most people have the desire to work in fields that require a high level of skill, and graduate school will open doors to a career that is bound to be more fulfilling.


Graduate school requires dedication and hard work.  Everyone values a social life and free time, so to get those opportunities you will become very organized and you’ll probably surprise yourself with your newfound time management skills.  I spend a lot of time speaking to friends and co-workers about my positive experience at Canisius College and how much I’m now looking to starting the career I’v always wanted.  If your currently debating your decision, my advice is to go for it and you will soon be appreciating the return your going to get on your investment.