I realize this is Upstate New York, but I’m over snow, cold weather and ice.  I’m ready for it to be nice outside so I can go out and run around with the kids I babysit, walk outside without my winter jacket on, you get the point.  I’m stressed out about school and my job situation, or lack there of.  I’ve been applying like a mad women, all over the country, and nothing is happening.  I’ve had one call back and phone interview, and never heard back.  School work is overwhelming right now, a group project is stressing me out, I’m ready to get it done so I can move on and concentrate on finals.  I can’t believe we’re going into Week 10 already, it’s gone by pretty fast but I’m also ready to move on.


Watched some serious hockey this weekend, between Division I finals and the push for the Stanley Cup playoffs, it’s getting crazy out there.  I saw a bunch of #1 teams get knocked off this weekend, and also got word over the last couple of weeks that a TON of players I know getting signed for ECHL, AHL & NHL contracts, looking forward to seeing where they all end up going.


My roommates from NYC and I have been talking about having a reunion over the summer, and I really hope it happens.  I’d love to be in NYC for job interviews or even looking for a place by then, but I’m just gonna have to keep applying and hoping that I get a job.  I’m not sold on NYC, but I will say I had a ton of fun there for my internship and love all the people I met.  I really liked working for a multi venue facility, and hope to work in one in the future.  I hope everyone who went away for Spring Break enjoyed wherever they were, especially if they were some where warm.