This was an especially exciting week for me, as two of my classes were over and I was suspended forty feet in the air by my fellow classmates.  Sounds more dangerous than it was, I actually just climbed a rock wall for my Outdoor Curriculum class while four or five of my classmates billeted me.  Billeting is when they control the rope that holds me so I do not fall.  Our teachers, Mr. Warner and Mr. Chaffee, did a fantastic job of making sure that we felt as safe as possible on the ropes and that no one was in an danger (even though when you are up there you cannot help but feel scared, at least I did!).  Heights are not my cup of tea so I did not particularly enjoy going up so high.  We had three activities we could choose from: the rock wall, the zip line, and the horizontal wires.  Everybody knows what the rock wall and zip line is, but you may not all be familiar with the horizontal wires.  Basically, they are two wires about 35 feet in the air between two poles or towers.  The wires are separated by four feet, so one is 35 feet in the air and the other is 39, right on top of each other.  The bottom wire is for your feet and the top one is for your hands, and you walk across the wires to the other side.  It looked horrific.  I did not do that one.  I only did the rock wall, and let me tell you it is way more exhausting than anything else.  Making it to the top was a feat I am certainly proud of, not only because it was so high but also because it tired me out so badly that it took every ounce of energy to get there.  The great part about the ropes course was that it culminated everything we’ve done in the course up to that point.  The building community exercises and the trust falls all helped us become more familiar with each other and more comfortable with the idea of our peers keeping us alive, essentially – my favorite course this semester, by far.

The only sad part about that is that it is over now, and so is my Methods class.  OK its not actually sad, its pretty awesome.  You know what else is awesome, the Sabres in the playoffs and the NFL Draft on Thursday.  Sabres need to win tonight to avoid a 3-1 hole, which would pretty much end the series (there’s my Buffalo pessimism rearing its ugly head), and the Bills need to hit on all of their draft picks.  Now is that so hard?  And my preseason prediction for the Bills, 14-2.