I don’t want to get too excited, but I’m super stoked that I can look outside and see grass and no snow.  While I’m sure there’s more to come, I’m going to enjoy this weather while I can.

Last week I was over my head in homework, didn’t sleep very much, which lead to me being miserable by the weekend.  I went to all 3 RIT games, while following the rest of the games in AHA.  Bummed to see Canisius got eliminated on Sunday but they put up a good fight.  RIT ladies are in the Final Four, which is a place the program never has been, so I’m super excited for all of my girls.  I finally finished all my homework, just in time to get sick, but it’s my own fault.

Still no word on jobs, not that that is anything new.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do over the summer, hopefully I can get hours at my job I have now and just save up for when I finally do get offered a full time position.  One thing that drives me absolutely nuts is when a potential employer says they will let you know and then you never hear from them.  I think it’s just good business to let your potential employees know if they have a position or if you’re still looking into it.

I can’t believe we’re in week 9 already — this semester is going by so fast — it will be summer before we know it.  I hope everyone is surviving. Catch y’all next week.