In a little over an hour, the NHL Trade Deadline will be reached.  While I have been checking in with teams across the NHL, I really haven’t seen anything mind blowing.  While Pegula has been hard at work making some changes for the Sabres, I think it will probably be a while until we can see any long term affects from his “take over”.  I’m more interested in the injuries that have been happening all over the NHL this season — it’s quite disturbing the amount of players that are out of the line up, and there’s still quite a bit of the season left.

As for classes, I think I’m doing really well keeping up, and I’m definitely learning a ton.  I can honestly say I’ve learned more in a semester and a half at Canisius than I think I learned in my entire first master’s program.  Maybe it’s because I’m much more interested in Sports Admin, or it’s the professors, or maybe a little bit of both.  I’m really glad I decided to return for a second masters, hopefully it will pay off when I’m in the job market, or else I’m just going to be in a ton of debt from student loans.  But, you never know until you try right?

We got hit with yet another pounding of snow on Friday here in Upstate NY.  I’m hoping Spring is on it’s way because I’m ready for all the snow to melt.  I hope everyone is having a great week.