At the conclusion of this semester, I will have officially passed the half way mark in regards to the 70 credit hour requirement for the MBAPA program.  At this time I would like to share some thoughts about my experience so far.


I got the challenge I was looking for – When deciding my path for graduate school, I was looking for a stimulating challenge.  I wanted to pursue a degree that I knew would push me to work hard, allow me to achieve a professional degree, and give me a sense of accomplishment.  My MBAPA experience has met all those characteristics, while developing a passion for accounting.  An MBA is significant time commitment, but one that I really enjoy.


I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge – Throughout my courses so far we have covered a significant amount of material.  Our professors are well aware of what we need to know to pass the CPA exam, and constantly test us on many concepts they know we will encounter on the CPA exam.  I truly feel that I am on a great path to being prepared and successful with the CPA exam.


I have met a lot of great people – Individuals working towards a common goal naturally bond together, and this is apparent in the MBAPA program.  I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people in my classes and look forward to maintaining professional relationships with them in the future.  Our professors are not only teaching us in the classroom, but are always available to offer career advice and setting up networking opportunities for us to expand our professional contacts.


I’m proud of the path I’m pursuing – When others ask me what I do, I always feel a sense of pride to be able to say I’m pursuing an MBAPA at Canisius.  At this point I feel really good about my achievements, and look forward to the second half.  Many Canisius graduate students in accounting are hired before they even complete the program, which shows the outstanding reputation this program has in Buffalo.


If you are in search of a program that will prepare you for success with the CPA exam and give you an opportunity to develop your professional skills, I highly recommend the MBAPA program at Canisius!