I chose to go to Graduate School as a way of broadening my horizons. As an undergraduate, I majored in Accounting at the University of Buffalo. Although I was fond of the subject and had a strong interest in it, by the time I was a senior I decided that it was not what I wanted my career path to be. As a result, I started looking at various graduate programs I could utilize to get a Master’s Degree that better suited my interests. After extensive research I narrowed down my degree choice to a Master’s in Business Administration. This degree gives you extensive knowledge in a wide range of business practices. It was exactly what I wanted. The next obstacle I faced was where to attend graduate school?

I desired to stay in the area (Buffalo) so I looked at local schools. These included UB, NCCC, Buffalo State College, and Canisius College. Each of these schools offered MBA programs that lasted between 2-3 years. This included all of them except for Canisius College. Canisius offered a wonderful opportunity to complete an MBA graduate program in just one year. It was a 42 week curriculum that spanned three semesters. I applied to the program and subsequently got accepted. Fast forward to today, and I am 38 weeks into the program with only 4 more weeks to go. When I complete the program, I’ll have the broader range of business expertise that I wanted in about half the time it would normally take. I am very happy with the result and am looking forward to starting my career. This has been a busy week so far but the weekend is here. I hope you all have a happy holiday and enjoy your extended time off. Look forward to the blog for next week!