We are now entering a great time of year. Its getting warm (but not too warm) outside, we are entering the final strecth of classes for the semester, and playoffs are beginning. NBA playoffs that is. I have not watched more than one period of hockey at all this year, and that will probably not change. The Garden is going to be rocking, and I can’t wait to watch the Knicks pull off a first round upset.

This past week has been very busy. I have been concentrating my time on my graduate assistanship, my internship, and my course work. I have a stats test this Thursday as well as a PowerPoint due. Once I get those out of the way, the weekend will be mighty relaxing. For my PowerPoint, I’ve been doing research on the financial implications of hosting an olympic/world cup type event. It has been interesting the read about the bidding process and all of the marketing and infrastructure improvements that go into hosting an event of that caliber.

Oh, a thought just popped into my head. Was there a better moment than watching Tiger come roaring (pun intended) back on Sunday? That eagle he had on the 8th hole, I think, was awesome. It was great to see the best golfer in the world get back into form. Too bad he came up a couple strokes short, but he certainly made for an exciting round.

And now back from my random thought. I have been getting used to my role in my internship with the WNY Flash. More responsibilities have been handed out and it should make for a great season. We have our first game on Sunday at 6pm on Fox Soccer Channel so check us out!

Everyone enjoy yourselves, and we’ll see ya’ll next week.