When I came to Canisius for graduate school, I thought I was ahead of the game. I was going to get my masters degree out of the way and start studying for the CPA exam. Well, when I got here, I soon realized that I was way behind everyone else.  Many of my classmates already had full time jobs lined up and passed two or three parts of the CPA exam.

However after the semester started, I would soon realize that the accounting program does its part in helping its students enter the real world. Within the first couple of weeks, I learned about Meet the Accountants night in which students can meet local firms and learn more information. Canisius also brings these firms to campus for interviews.

I participated in these interviews and even got a few second interviews. I learned a lot from these interviews like how to answer the questions  and what questions to ask at the end. However, I could never get passed the second interview.

I never lost hope though and many of my teachers helped me look for more opportunities. Two weeks ago, I finally had a breakthrough and was invited to interview at a firm in Pittsburgh. During the interview, I was able to use the skills that I have learned in the forensic accounting program and apply them to the firm’s needs. Later that day they called me and offered me a full time position starting this summer.

The accounting program at Canisius is more than just books and lectures. The professors engage their students and help them succeed. I would never have found this opportunity without the support of my professors and the experience of the interviews. I guess I’m ahead of the game now.