The second summer session has reached its half way point for the One-Year MBA students. I am only taking one class during this time called Finance Technology. This course explores the trading and technical aspects of Microsoft Excel and the Stock Market. As an assignment for each week we have to make a strategic trade on a simulated stock market and explain why we did it. For this week’s assignment, I wanted to hedge four stocks, two from the oil industry and two from the electric industry, against one another. Hedging is when you invest in a financial instrument that you expect to increase in value, while simultaneously investing in another instrument you expect to decrease by the same value. The result of my trade was just what I wanted. The two oil stocks generated a loss of $821 while the two electric stocks generated a profit of $890. This resulted in a net profit of $69. I great hedge if you ask me!

We only have three weeks of class left in our program. This has been a very long but rewarding experience. Some of us have secured jobs, others internships, some are still searching. However, there is no doubt in my mind that every student in our program will become very successful in the future. Like our program, my time as your blogger is also slowly coming to an end. By the time I leave my position as One-Year blogger, I will have submitted over thirty entries for you to read through. I hope they can provide a unique mindset into what the One-Year program, and Buffalo, has to offer when you begin your journey in a few weeks. Due to not having time to post an entry last week, I will be posting another one later in the week. Look forward to it!