Sorry my post is late, the beginning of the week got away from me and I was trying to get ahead on my assignments for the week. I’m heading back to Rochester next week to help with a project for a few days. Still no word from jobs here in the city, but I keep applying and have made a bunch of contacts so hopefully something will turn up. I still can’t believe I’m almost done with my Masters program. I’m proud of myself for getting it done so quickly, but am also not looking forward to my loans coming in the near future. I’ve been talking to a lot of friends who have recently graduated and they are all trying to find jobs, and becoming very frustrated as well.

The weather here has been great, but it’s been super hot and humid the last few days, and it’s supposed to be really bad this weekend. That’s the one thing I miss about having a car, at least I can get Air Conditioning while driving places, most of the subways are cold but waiting for them to get their is like standing in a sauna. I really do like the transportation system here in NYC, and that there’s usually somewhere within walking distance to get things.


Alright, more job hunting and homework. Hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying their summer classes and/or vacation.