Greetings all! To come up with the blog idea for this week, I entered three nouns that I feel are close to me into a topic generator online. The three nouns I entered were “school, art, and drawing”. I used the results to decide that this week I will describe the process I use to draw my artwork. Drawing is not as complicated as some people make it out to be. It does require much skill and patience, but with enough practice you could become a great artist without having any initial experience in the craft. I have always loved creating art as it is my true passion. If I am working on a drawing and using a reference (a picture), I study the picture a few days ahead of time. I’ll look very closely at the reference to get a good idea of how the lines and shapes should be made. After that, I sit down and slowly draw the image from memory while also looking at the reference.  As soon as the image is drawn, I color it in and presto! I know it doesn’t sound too exciting, but there are a lot of mental processes that go on but I can’t explain them too well.

Here we are fellow readers. The end of the journey and One-Year MBA Program is here. This week marks the 42nd and final week of the program. It has been an absolutely crazy ride and it feels amazing to finish graduate school.  The feeling is bittersweet because although I am finished, there are some incredible individuals in our program and we have gotten close over the past year. Regardless, I wish every single one of them the best and hope they have a great future. I would like to thank all of my readers who have been alongside me during this experience. Lastly, I hope that these thirty blog entries will help future One-Year MBA students understand the program at a deeper level. It’s been very fun and exciting writing these blogs, farewell everyone!