When I moved to Buffalo a little over a year ago I vowed to myself that I would take time to explore the city and the surrounding towns. After one year I hadn’t done nearly enough exploring so now I get to try and fit it all into basically this summer, but I’m doing it!!

I started my adventure yesterday by visiting Letchworth State Park, which is located about an hour south of Buffalo. I spent the day exploring the park with three of my girlfriends. As I’m sure you can see from my picture, it was wonderful! Such a beautiful park with so many different trails. I highly recommend checking it out.

The real purpose of this post though was to remind everyone how important self-care is in life and especially in grad school. It was so refreshing just to get away for the day and reset. This is KEY to surviving grad school. I encourage everyone to find their outlet, whatever allows you to drop the stress and enjoy the day. For me, getting outside is an easy (and cheap) way to take a step away from the real world and disconnect from the stress. What’s yours and when do you practice it?

I’m already looking forward to my next adventure, but for now at least, it’s back to the real world!