Did you hear the latest news about Alex Rodriguez? Once again, rumors are out that he has been doping throughout his career.  Although these issues are returning, the Yankees still aren’t throwing A- Rod to the side. It has been said that A -Rod may show up to preseason and sit the bench. Some teammates may agree with this and others may not.

Bosch is the man who is accountable for accusing A- Rod this time around. It’s his word against A Rod’s. Based off of past incidents, Bosch doesn’t have much room to point fingers.  He has been fined for practicing medicine without a license. It is up to society to decide who is telling the truth. Chances are, A Rod will be the one accused of lying. That’s the way it usually goes. The media play a huge role with cases such as these. They have a way of skewing people’s opinions. They will release the information that they think will get the biggest rise out of the public.

Through the Canisius College Master in Sport Administration program we study situations like these often. The program offers a course on Moral and Ethical Issues of Sport. The purpose of this course is to help students establish a fundamental philosophy for sport in their lives, both personal as well as professional.


Samantha Deem & Janelle Stegeland