What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.

      -Ralph Marston-

Jamie Moyer recently became the oldest pitcher in Major League Baseball to earn a win.  He accomplished this feat at the ripe old age of 49 years and 150 days.  Moyer gave up six hits, and no earned runs in a 5-3 win against the San Diego Padres on April 17th.   Moyer eclipsed Jack Quinn, of the Brooklyn Dodgers, as the oldest pitcher to earn a win. As an avid fan of the Colorado Rockies, I was impressed by Moyer’s tenacity and his determination.  As I began to read deeper into this story, I was amazed at the statistics and accomplishments that Jamie Moyer has amassed in his baseball career. Here are some of the most interesting facts through Jamie Moyers career:

  • Moyer is now tied with Jim Palmer all time with 237 wins.
  • Jamie Moyers rookie season was 1986(two years after I was born) and eight years before the inaugural Colorado Rockies game at Mile high (I was there!!!!!).
  • Jamie Moyer has pitched in all 30 modern stadiums, and pitched in 13 stadiums that no longer exist.
  • Has pitched for 8 teams-Cubs, Rangers, Cardinals, Orioles, Red Sox’s, Mariners, Phillies, and my Colorado Rockies!
  • He is currently one out of 29 baseball players in history that have appeared in a Major League games in four decades.
  • Jamie Moyer is the only pitcher in ML history to throw a shutout in four decades (1908’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, and 2010’s)
  • Moyer is currently older than eight active managers and 16 general managers!

What are the keys to Jamie Moyers success?  First, I believe that Jamie Moyer understands his abilities.  He doesn’t throw 90mph or even 80mph, but he does understand how to move the ball around and keep hitters off balance.  Second, he throws to contact.  Jamie Moyer is always around the plate and when you don’t throw 90pmh+ you will have to throw to contact and let your defense do most of the work. Finally, Moyer constantly is reviewing, adjusting, and moving forward as a pitcher and player.  All three of these lessons we can apply to our lives and career goals.  First, we need to understand our strengths and weaknesses. We also need the help of others around us, and finally we need to keep reevaluating, adjusting, and change in today’s fast paced business world.

Until next time,

Take Care!